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What’s new

  • The rune system has been activated. (Click for details.)
  • The new solo dungeon “Svaland” has been activated.
  • The new group dungeon “Kaleb’s Dungeon” has been activated.
  • Added Lucky Draw History.


  • Fixed an issue where mage staffs with multiple elemental damage had over-hit in their melee abilities.
  • Fresh Mind skill master 15 has been moved.
  • The requested number of kills in the Stoned quest has been reduced to 5.
  • You can now perform a stat reset while equipped with cosmetics, foraging items, and jewelry.
  • Repair hammer etc. of collecting materials. Fixed issue with items not being repaired.
  • Disabled the use of Whirlwind,Fast as Lighting,Teleporting Portal abilities in dungeons.
  • Fixed a problem with items that could be considered non-tradeable.
  • Reworked the slow and lock effect from abilities.
  • You will no longer be able to gather for 1 minute after teleporting.
  • Fixed the sticking issue in the bar showing the abilities used.
  • Party search section has been renewed. (You can search/search as PvE, PvP, Farm, Quest or even Group Dungeon. Your current quests are automatically listed in the Party Matching system.)
  • Added the item “Confusion Potion”, which is required for the use of the Rogue class’s “Confuse” ability, to the potion merchant.
  • Resist potions have been removed from creep drops. These items can be obtained through alchemy.
  • Increased duration of Lullaby Potion (30s -> 60s)
  • Willpower” set bonus Defense Against Mages bonus updated to 30 Fire-Ice-Lightning Resistance.
  • The Tome of Destruction item has been added to the store.
  • All tp skills will no longer work in parts of the Dorion region where the market is dense.
  • 5 – 10 – 20 – 40 TL Balance letters have been removed from the site balances in the dungeons. 50 – 100 – 200 TL Drop rates for balance letters have been increased.
  • Added Dungeon Drops to Grade 4 and Grade 5 levels in Clan Dungeons.
  • Forsthorn and gorkhan creatures RNG Done.
  • Boss Creatures with RNG feature have been required to inflict a minimum of 5% damage.
  • Extended the trigger area for the Teleporting Portal ability.
  • Fixed the Centauf Chieftain spawn issue in the Death Valley region.

System & Optimization

  • Performance improvement has been made.