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  • Fixed an issue with the Kaleb’s Dungeon crystal protection quest.
  • Fixed a pixelation issue with character animations in crowded areas.
  • The Mount Race event entry system has been switched to random distribution mode.
  • Mount Race event “Freezing Bolt” and “Magic Barrier” abilities have been activated.
  • The area skill FXs in the Mage class flame skill tree have been revised.
  • Fixed the water drop issue in the Satyr slot on Haddar and Haggard maps.
  • Poisonous Rock slots in Protean and Lunaskar Kingdom maps have been increased from 4 to 5.
  • The set bonus features of Crafted and Enhanced pre-named outfits are now active at item level.
    • Unique and Epic craft outfits will give set bonus feature after +6 level.
    • Rare and Common craft garments will give set bonus feature after +7 level.
  • Death Valley Black Mummy and Necromancer slot zones have been changed.
  • Archdemon slots on the Death Valley map have been reduced to 1.
  • Brutaur slots on the Death Valley map have been moved to Archdemon slots.
  • Added Draha creature to Death Valley map.
  • You can get Unique upgrade scrolls from Death Valley Draha creatures.
  • Increased the damage of traps in Kaleb’s dungeon map.
  • Added damage bonus to Deathwish, Kaleb’s Hate, Mystic Bow weapons against Magical type creatures.
  • Added damage bonus to Elven Bow, Dagger of Balance and Axe of Destruction weapons against Rock type creatures.
  • Added damage bonus to the Mystic Bow weapon against Warrior class.
  • The bonuses on the Shield of the King item have been revised.
Shield of the King
Axe of Destruction
  • Removed the level check for the “Defeat Bloodspiller” quest in the Lunaskar race.
  • Sleeping abilities in Dungeons (except for Kaleb’s Dungeon crystal creatures) have been re-enabled.
  • Updated error messages when unlocking locked skills.
  • The “All Monster Attack Bonus” feature on weapons and clothing has been disabled for “Boss” group creatures.
  • HP Scrolls are no longer able to replenish a character’s HP when first pressed.
  • Fixed the issue where abilities with the regeneration feature did not work when the character was exposed to poison.
  • Self Merchant has been renamed to “Online Merchant”.
  • Updated profession equivalents have been added to the Professions section.
  • Clan name change feature has been activated. Click here for details.
  • Craft section error messages have been updated.
  • Fixed the private message icon in Online Merchant not working,
  • The opening of UE4 Tools in the search bar in the Inventory section has been turned off.
  • Fixed the issue of writing to public messages after using the enter key in the private message window.
  • Fixed an issue with both races showing up in the Party Seeking section in Death Valley.
  • Fixed an issue where creatures and gathering materials on maps would speed up after a certain amount of time.
  • Fixed the issue with the extra bag opening in the background of the inventory.
  • You will be able to see the resistance bonuses from items in brackets.
6.1.2 Patch Notes
  • While gathering, if a creature damages you, the process will stop.
  • Added case sensitivity in nicknames to the Block Player system.
  • Work has been done on bugs that occur after using sleep abilities on creatures.
  • Fixed the “skill failed” issue that occurred when characters were subjected to creature slowing abilities while R.O.W was active.
  • General optimization work has been done on R.O.W priest abilities.
  • The kingdom system has been activated in “test mode”. Detailed topic will be opened later on our official forum address. You can examine it in-game as a preview.
  • ‘Solace Item(s)’, which is not yet active, has been removed from premiums.
  • You can get Epic upgrade scroll and Unique upgrade scroll from Necromencer creature
  • Reduced resistance values of Diabolic dragon , Kaleb Servant, Kaleb creatures.

Skill arrangements

  • Mage
    • Fixed an issue with the “Swap” ability being duplicated in the Lighting skill tree.
  • Priest
    • Fixed a bug in the animation of the Keen Strike ability.
    • Fixed the issue where the Emphaty ability would stop the character even if the casting distance was not enough.
  • Rogue
    • Added the ability to run solo to the Archer skill tree.
    • Increased the damage of the Shuriken ability.