• Walking and batting animations have been updated.
  • The costumes in the game have been more optimized.
  • Improvements and optimization updates regarding FPS have been made.
  • A study was conducted on the right-click problem experienced in crowded areas.
  • A general study was carried out on the problems experienced in craft production.
  • Work was carried out on the problem experienced in skill bar and buff widgets.
  • A general study was carried out on the problems encountered in the chat section.
  • Gor’Khan and Frosthorn creatures that spawn when the Monument is destroyed will now spawn as enemies to everyone.
  • Premium restrictions have been imposed on dungeon entrances. Dungeon rights of players who do not have premium will not be reset.
  • Gunnar’s Saber FX problem has been fixed.
  • Soulburner weapon bonuses updated.
  • Added an error message when clicking the box after the character dies.
  • A warning text has been added to the event leaving screen.
Rise Online - 7.0.0 Patch Notes
  • The problem of not being able to use “Hunter’s Insight” when the Rogue Passive critical “Assasination” is active has been fixed. (When you use Hunter’s Insight, the Assasination passive skill will be canceled.)
  • A general study was carried out regarding the problem in trigger skills.
  • The bonus problem in the Mage Crafter set has been fixed.
  • Studies on damage rates between weapons have begun.
  • NFT Scroll usage has been updated. Now, when converting your characters into NFT, you will be able to enter the wallet address you want to be sent to while using the NFT scroll. (In case it is sent to the wrong address, the responsibility belongs to the user. The transaction cannot be undone.)
Rise Online - 7.0.0 Patch Notes
  • A study was carried out on the fps problem in the announcement texts.
  • Gloomgong creature has been added to the Death Valley map. The creature spawns in the central area of the Death Valley map every 150 seconds. It is at a level that a single player can kill comfortably.
  • Gloomgong drop rates:
    • Costume Enhancement (HP)
    • Costume Enhancement (P.Def)
    • Costume Enhancement (XP)
    • Costume Enhancement (BP)
    • Costume Enhancement (Gold), 
    • Unique Upgrade Scroll,
    • Epic  Upgrade Scroll. You can get Epic weapon by 10% chance.
  • Warrior “Knight” skill tree has been activated. You need to activate the “4” skills in the skill tree with the “Skill book”.
Warrior Knight skill tree
  • Click for detailed information about the knight skill tree.
  • Kaleb Dungeon entrance system has been changed.
    • You need to right-click on the item named “Kaleb Dungeon Pass (Group)” obtained from the mission and use it. After use, your dungeon right will be assigned to your account. The task will be available again 22 hours after it is submitted. However, you can use the Kaleb Dungeon Pass (Group) item every 24 hours.
    • Even if you complete this mission with your side characters and obtain the item, you can only log into kaleb dungeon once in 24 hours from an account.
  • Two repetitive missions, performed at 20-hour intervals, have been added to the Death Valley map. All characters above level 70 can perform the mission.
  • Celestial Chest” quest has been added to the NPC on the Death Valley map. (Note: Kill does not count the quests at the same time.)
Objectives: Kill 75 enemies daily 2

You can perform the task in the shaded areas in the screenshot:

Objectives: Kill 75 enemies daily 2

When you enter the quest area:

img 2863505fe427f05ce1f2ca6a115f95c5

When you leave the quest area:

img f0f5a4af0d3392c69997fee6b13addff

You can break the box called “Celestial Chest” obtained from the quest from the NPC named “Fortune Teller” in the Dorion region. The box contains Epic, Unique items, Celestial Anklet and materials. The image of the Celestial Survey and materials is shown in the image below.

Celestial Anklet

You can craft the Celestial Anklet jewelry from the Craft “other” section with the Celestial Anklet and materials obtained from the box. Jewelry is worn in the “Artifact” section.

Celestial Anklet

There are A, B, C, D, S types in jewelry production. The features given vary depending on the letters. With each jewelry development, the features of the jewelry increase. In production and jewelry letter upgrades, each letter has an 18% chance of appearing and a 10% chance of burning. When you come across a 10% chance, you get the “Celestial Anklet” box. You can examine its maximum features from the images below.

Celestial Anklet of Courage S.S.S
Celestial Anklet of Agility S.S.S
Celestial Anklet of Magic S.S.S
Celestial Anklet of Wisdom S.S.S

You can get a box from the Craft “Other” section by transforming the “Celestial Anklet Piece” item:

  • Gold Chest with 10 Celestial Anklet Piece items
  • Royal Chest with 20 Celestial Anklet Piece items
  • Celestial Chest with 40 Celestial Anklet Piece items
Celestial Anklet
Celestial Anklet
Celestial Anklet
  • Kingdom system has been activated.
    • With the kingdom system, the player selected as king will be able to transfer “1,000,000,000 Gold” obtained from taxes to his character. (Players who abuse the amount in the treasury will be dealt with.) The duration of the kingdom is 15 days. (1 day for candidates, 1 day for counting votes, the duration of the kingdom is 13 days)

The first king election will begin on September 29 at 18:00 (GMT+3).

Click for detailed information.

  • 1+1 event has been activated. (Only premium players will be able to benefit.)
1+1 level up event in Rise Online.
  • The game login event has started. Depending on your level ranges, you can get your gifts from the “REWARDS” section in the store.
Daily login rewards for Rise Online.