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  1. Player interaction menu has revamped.
  1. New HP Bar design has been activated.
  1. Trade screen now displays empty item slot information of the characters.
  1. Stat save system has been activated.
    • Skill save system will be activated in the next update.
  1. Channel, premium list and mini map designs have been updated.
  1. A shortcut to hide costume and hide wings (only for other players) has been added to Equipment > Cosmetics.
  1. PM window design has been updated.
  1. Removed Epic Upgrade Scroll reward from Deadly Saboteurs, Clanguards Among Us, Peace At Last quests.
  2. Sweeping 1, Sweeping 2, [REPEATABLE] Defeat Harpys (Daily Quest) [REPEATABLE] Defeat Undead King (Daily Quest) quests now can not be repeated after faction change.
    • EXP amount gained from these quests will be removed from the users who have repeated quests after a faction change.
    • Race change fees will be refunded to users who change faction for the quest.
  3. The sale of the Race Change Scroll in the Shop has been reactivated.
  4. Kostümler arası değiştirme (Cosmetics Exchange) ücreti 2.500.000 coins > 100.000 Coin’e çekilmiştir.
    • Wing, Matta and Cloak cosmetics will be included in this system in the next update.
  5. General problems in the player block system have been fixed.
  6. Fixed the issue where white icons appeared for the requirements of some items in the upgrade system.
  7. Fixed the bug that after the item is upgraded, the new item is not placed with the mouse right click button.
  8. Fixed the issue where the language pack is not saved if you change it in Settings > Gameplay.
  9. Fixed the issue of asking for zero shards in upgrade requirements.
  10. Fixed the issue where skill/stat points were missing momentarily when you level up.
  11. Fixed the issue where the “Battle Brawlers” quest in the Protean faction does not appear on the NPC.
  12. Work has been done on the problems experienced in the chat system.
  13. Work has been done regarding the problems experienced in the Auction House Stall system.
  14. Removed the aggressiveness of creatures on the Dorion.
  15. Priest > Fixed Debuffer Retribution(67) ability not unlocking at level.
  16. The level requirement of unique gathering tools has been reduced to 75.
  17. The ability to move the trade window has been activated.
  18. The EXP rates of Skinning animals on the Death Valley map have been increased by 2x.
  19. “Cotton” craft material has been added to the Dorion.
  20. Fixed the glowing issue with the portal FX opening in the water section of the Dragon’s Lair dungeon.

Optimization and FPS

  • General optimization and FPS work has been done.