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Important Announcement

  • Detailed investigations have been made for Crash errors. At the end of the review, it was determined that our users who received crash errors are generally caused by outdated graphic card drivers. Please update your drivers to avoid problems.
  • In addition, for players using DirectX 12, arrangements have been made for problems caused by the DirectX 12 Resolution issue. If the problem persists, we will terminate DirectX 12 support.
  • Lost time (3 hours) after maintenance has been added to premium owners.

General Changes

  1. The ability to create Merchant Stall has been disabled except for Protean Kingdom, Lunaskar Kingdom, Haddar, Hagard channels 1 and 2.
  2. Fixed the issue of not clicking the confirmation button on the friend invitation.
  3. Fixed incorrectly displayed requirements in Craft > Armorsmithing profession.
  4. Fixed the issue with characters getting stuck on gathering materials.
  5. Fixed the issue where the exp rates of Skinning animals on the DV map did not give 2x EXP points.
  6. Added Cotton craft material to Dorion map.
  7. Rare jewelry drop rates in Darkness Cavern dungeon have been increased slightly.
  8. The rate of change in the HP Bar value on your character has been increased.
  9. When you put the item from your bag for upgrade to the item upgrade system, the item in your bag will appear deleted.
  10. Character Info > Other Bonuses section has been activated.
  11. When you put countable items in Bag Expansion, the maximum number will appear automatically.
  12. Skills window design has been renewed and its size has been increased.
  13. The “Settings” section in the private message window has been activated.
  14. Fixed the issue of players appearing when exposed to the skill that blinds the character.
  15. Fixed the issue where ability sounds are heard despite turning off the sounds in the settings.
  16. Fixed the problem of the mouse getting stuck on the mission notification screen that appears on the screen.
  17. Fixed the issue where the message icon in the private message window is over the close button.

Life Skill Changes

  1. Removed trade options other than “Wood” under Carpentry in the trade -others- category in the Crafting interface.
  2. Removed trade options other than “Ore” under the Smelting heading in the Trade -others- category in the Crafting interface.
  3. Removed trade options under Leatherworking in the trade -others- category in the Crafting interface, added “Hide” trades.
  4. Removed trade options under Alchemy in the trade -others- category in the Crafting interface.
  5. Removed trade options for old stones and cottons from the trade -others- category in the Crafting UI.

The current issue related to life skills has been shared on our official forum address.

What’s new

  1. Skill tree saving feature has been activated.
9.0.3 Patch Notes
  1. Added cloak, wing and matta exchange feature to the Cosmetics Exchange system.
Cosmetic Exchange
Cosmetic Exchange
Cosmetic Exchange
  1. “Donate” shortcut has been added to the Clan menu.
  2. Priest DeBuffer field abilities FX have been renewed (Mana Infusion, Retribution, Misfortune, Prophecy and Weaken)
    • Mana Infusion
    • Retribution
    • Misfortune
    • Prophecy
    • Weaken
9.0.3 Patch Notes
9.0.3 Patch Notes
9.0.3 Patch Notes
9.0.3 Patch Notes
9.0.3 Patch Notes
  1. New Twitch Drop has been added: Twitch Drop Regalia.
Twitch Drop Regalia