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  1. Solo and group dungeons have been reactivated.
  2. Adjustments were made to the login errors.
  3. The entry limits have been increased.
  4. The normal market setting limit has been increased.
  5. Hagard/Haddar creature spawn problem is fixed.
  6. Fixed the problem of spawning in the same coordinate when changing channels in Death Valley map.
  7. In the Group Dungeon map, a study was carried out on the mechanical problems in the Elevator in Room 3 and Stuns in Room 4.
  8. Exp points have been increased by 4 times in Solo and Group dungeon maps.
  9. The problem of not sending the OTP code to the mail has been fixed.
  10. Fixed typos in some menus.

Security updates

  • Adjustments were made in the Macro security system.

Source: https://www.riseonlineworld.com/en/patch-notes/patch-notes-2-0-1