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  1. The number of crafting objects has been increased.
  2. The number of Craft creatures in Dorion, Protean kingdom and Lunascar kingdom maps has been increased.
  3. Fixed incorrect areas where craft objects fall under the ground.
  4. Fixed the wrong preview issue appearing on the screen during Craft armor production.
  5. Fixed the issue where players with 100% Craft Exp level could not re-equip their craft weapon after removing it. (Ex: Herbalism Level:1 Exp:100%)
  6. Fixed the issue where the icons of Craft creatures appeared on the big map.
  7. Fixed problems with the use of potions in the Crafting Alchemy category. (Not being able to put into the skill bar etc.)
  8. Level requirement and duration of use in Shrim Saganaki, Grilled Perch, Lamb Cutlet, Baked Lobster items have been fixed.
  9. Chicken Craft creature has been added to the Lunascar kingdom and Protean kingdom maps.
  10. The R.O.W Assistant attack and ability usage have been improved.
  11. Fixed the issue where Creatures would not attack after using Sleep and Lullaby abilities.
  12. Fixed the issue of crafting Rogue characters after using their invisibility abilities.
  13. Granite Block level error has been fixed.
  14. Charcoal production quantity error has been fixed.
  15. Chicken and Stag respawn times from craft creatures have been reduced.
  16. Fishing 2 level condition error when generating Arius Blessing has been fixed.
  17. Fixed the Effect problem in Tiger creature.
  18. The missing Blood Valley days in the event calendar have been fixed.
  19. The problem of not saving when you change the party bar appearance and re-enter the game has been fixed.
  20. The weight of the fish has been reduced.
  21. The problem of staying at 0.25% health of creatures has been adjusted.
  22. Fixed the issue where the pearl (Pearl) in the group dungeon could not be thrown away.
  23. The location problem that appears in the big map menu of skinning creatures has been fixed .
  24. Between levels 1 – 60, the required experience points were reduced by 30%.

Source: https://www.riseonlineworld.com/en/patch-notes/patch-notes-3-0-1