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  1. The profanity censorship system was activated in chat channels .
  2. On the battle maps, a marking system was introduced in which the party leader could target the enemy he wanted and party members.You can change the default hotkey from the “Q” settings.
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  1. The character HP bar image has been renewed.
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  1. The scrolls that used will now appear under the character HP bar.
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  1. Global chat system:
    1. It is prepared for easier party and clan interactions of beginner players.
    2. Usage Level range 1-50
    3. Maps on which the Lunaskar breed can see what is written: Dorion + Lunaskar Kingdom + Narun Tower + Narungard
    4. Maps where the Protean race can see what is written: Dorion + Protean Kingdom + Narun Tower + Narungard
    5. The global chat system is not active on PvP and Event maps.
img 42de143c9fcb33bcc8928e4172186fd5


  1. Fixed an issue with the menu that pops up when the mouse hovers over other players when you try to use the ability assigned to the right button while moving.
  2. The leadership line in Clan leaders and Assists was removed in war zones.
img 16e4b39ab2ac99e036d1779bba6fa4d2
  1. The list of items that may appear on the map on the Dungeon home screen has been updated.
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  1. Auction House updates:
    • Fixed an issue where auction house and bank screens would open at the same time.
    • The number of products on sale in the auction house system has been made more prominent.
    • Users who do not have Premium will only be able to make purchases, they must be premium active in your account to make sales.
    • In Auction house, sales tax for store products is set to 10%, and tax for normal products is set to 3%. A 5% tax will be deducted from the sale of goods. When you want to withdraw products that are on sale, a 2% tax will be charged (applies to products that are currently on sale).
    • In the auction house, the minimum level has been updated to 40 in order to put its products on sale.
    • The trade feature of Mega mana potion and Mega health potion items from store products has been closed (including existing products).A minimum limit has been added to the sale of these products in the Auction house and the regular market (Mega mana potion 8.500.000 gold, Mega health potion 5.500.000 gold).
    • When you want to sell items in the auction house, the problem of not being able to establish when there is a player near you has been changed.
    • Bugs that were reported in general have been fixed.
  2. A daily purchase limit of 5 for Magic Puppet, Mega HP and Mega MP items has been introduced. The Magic Puppet trade period has been updated to 7 days.
  3. When the race is changed, the tasks that have been done will not be able to be done again.
  4. Fixed the effect bug in the Mage Fire Trail and Icy Trail abilities.
  5. Fixed an animation cancellation issue in the Invisible Curtain ability.
  6. Fixed an issue where you were unable to use your own abilities after exposure to the Critical Bolt and Blinding Thrust abilities.
  7. Fixed an issue where the enemy was selected when exposed to the blinding thrust ability.
  8. Fixed an issue where the Defeat Archdemon task had to select the reward during delivery.
  9. Fixed the bug in the use of Redsnapper, Asparagus with tomatoes, Medium MP Recovery Potion and Skipjack articles.
  10. The life value of the Monument of Order, Monument of Rage, Monument of Wisdom and Monument of Life objects on the Death Valley map is 550,000 to 950,000.
  11. The location of the Bone Dragon creature on the Hagard and Haddar Lighlands maps has been changed.
  12. Reduced the selling price of the Great mana potion (Restores 2000 MP instantly) item on the NPC (6,950 gold).
  13. Fixed the effect bug in the Mage Higher Magic ability.
  14. Fixed a bug in the use of the Mark the Weakling skill .
  15. Fixed a bug in the use of the Shield ability in Protean Female characters.
  16. On the Dorion, Protean & Lunaskar kingdom, Haddar & hagard, and Narun tower maps, at the first entrance or after death For 5 seconds, the character’s immunity was activated.
  17. Fixed the bug of unparticipation when pressing the “enter” button after pressing the participation button in events.
  18. The hotkey to open the R.O.W Assistant menu is set to “H”. You can change it from the settings.
  19. Blood Valley entry level cap has been updated to 70.

Source: https://www.riseonlineworld.com/en/patch-notes/-patch-notes-3-1-1