Here are the bonus limits in the game:

WoodcuttingEXP Bonus50%
WoodcuttingSpeed Bonus50%
MiningEXP Bonus50%
MiningSpeed Bonus50%
QuarryingEXP Bonus50%
QuarryingSpeed Bonus50%
SkinningEXP Bonus50%
SkinningSpeed Bonus50%
ArchaeologyEXP Bonus50%
ArchaeologySpeed Bonus50%
HerbalismEXP Bonus50%
HerbalismSpeed Bonus50%
HarvestingEXP Bonus50%
HarvestingSpeed Bonus50%
FishingEXP Bonus50%
FishingSpeed Bonus50%
FishingSuccess Chance Bonus50%
CarpentryEXP Bonus50%
CarpentrySpeed Bonus50%
SmeltingEXP Bonus50%
SmeltingSpeed Bonus50%
StonemasonryEXP Bonus50%
StonemasonrySpeed Bonus50%
TailoringEXP Bonus50%
TailoringSpeed Bonus50%
LeatherworkingEXP Bonus50%
LeatherworkingSpeed Bonus50%
Armor SmithingEXP Bonus50%
Armor SmithingSpeed Bonus50%
Jewel CraftingEXP Bonus50%
Jewel CraftingSpeed Bonus50%
Weapon SmithingEXP Bonus50%
Weapon SmithingSpeed Bonus50%
AlchemyEXP Bonus50%
AlchemySpeed Bonus50%
CookingEXP Bonus50%
CookingSpeed Bonus50%
GatheringEXP Bonus25%
GatheringSpeed Bonus25%
CraftingEXP Bonus25%
CraftingSpeed Bonus25%
Coin Bonus25%
EXP Bonus300%
Attack Bonus10%
Attack Bonus Against All Classes10%
Attack Bonus Against A Specific Class20%
Attack Bonus Against All Creatures25%
Attack Bonus Against A Specific Creature Family30%
Defense Bonus Against All Classes15%
Defense Bonus Against A Specific Class20%
Defense Bonus Against All Creatures30%
Defense Bonus Against A Specific Creature Family40%
HP Drain Bonus10%
MP Drain Bonus10%
MP Damage Bonus10%
BP Bonus Per Kill10
Weight Bonus5000
Weapon Defenses (Dagger, Spear etc.)50
Elemental Resistance (Fire, Ice, Lightning etc)300