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Hello friends.

As part of the New Year’s events, we have enabled a new Twitch Drop Box for you between 29 December 2023 – 7 January 2024.

You can own this amazing box by watching every content creator broadcasting in the Rise Online World category for 4 hours.

This box will come as Christmas wing box (2024).

You can apply HP, BP, XP and Gold Enhancements available through Supply Merchant to Christmas Wing.

2024 xmas christmas wing tooltip

Wing Box rates:

  • Christmas Wing for 30 days by 5% chance
  • Christmas Wing for 15 days by 10% chance
  • Christmas Wing for 7 days by 20% chance
  • Christmas Wing for 3 days by 30% chance
  • Christmas Wing for 1 days by 35% chance
2024 xmas wing

You can get your rewards by sending the boxes you obtained from Twitch Drops to the game via Twitch and exchanging them through the NPC Fortune Teller.

Christmas Wing

Your Twitch Drop rewards will be renewed every day and you can get 1 box every day until the end of the event.

How to get Twitch drops? Click here.

In what cases can you not win the prize?

  • If you haven’t followed the broadcaster/channel on Twitch.
  • If you haven’t linked your Rise Online World and Twitch account.
  • If your Twitch account has previously been linked to a different Rise Online World account (the reward goes to the linked account), you will not be able to receive a reward even if you win.