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  • The item recovery system has been activated. You will be able to buyback the items sold to NPCs and thrown into the trash for a certain fee. You can reach the tool from Adventure > Item Recovery.
    • Stackable items cannot be recovered.(Arrow, pot, fish etc.)
    • You can draw on the A.H History section of the items you get back.
6.1.0 Patch Notes


General changes

  • The maximum HP limit for characters has been increased to 13.000.
  • Prevented the use of the swap skill in the labyrinth section of the Mount Race event map.
  • When an item on sale in the Auction House is sold, the letter icon in the upper left will flash until you click on it.
  • A requirement information button has been added to the NFT press screen.
  • You will no longer be able to jump when locked with the lighting skill.
  • Items with the All Monster trait will no longer work on Boss class creatures.
  • Increased the size of Shield of the King, Celestial Shield, Judgment Shield, Shield of Hope, Shield of Prophecy and Shield of Precision.
  • Haddar, Hagard, Narun Tower, Protean Kingdom, Lunaskar Kingdom bosses have been removed and the resspawn times of the bosses on the Death Valley map, which were random between 1-5 hours, have been updated to 1-4 hours.
  • Increased the damage of Shallow Fever, Thunderbreath, Frosthorn, Gor’Khan, Overlord, Centaur Chieftain, Lizard Dragon, Phoenix, Cobra King, Bloodspiller and Spider Queen.
  • Increased damage for group dungeon Hell Guardian, Venomspiller, Poisonous Skeleton and Diabolic Dragon creatures.
  • Dispel and Magic Barrier abilities have been added for use in the Mount Race event.
  • Changed the icon for the Swap ability used in the Mount Race event.
  • The effects of Explosive Bolt, Baton of Fire, Scorching Spray, Freezing Ray, Baton of Ice, Lightning Spray and Baton of Lightning have been reworked.
  • Prevented the sale of HP & MP pots sold in NPCs on the A.H System.
  • The appearance of 5 items has been adjusted:
Hatred's Blade
Hatred’s Blade
War Scythe
War Scythe



  • The reuse time of the Dispelling Aura ability has been reduced from 180 to 120 seconds.
  • Healing Circle ability’s reuse time has been reduced from 120 to 60 seconds.
  • Vital Touch ability’s reuse time has been reduced to 60 seconds.


  • Poisonous Mushroom ability’s reuse time has been reduced from 180 to 120 seconds.
  • Astral Shot ability’s reuse time has been reduced from 80 to 60 seconds.
  • Slide ability’s reuse time has been reduced from 80 to 60 seconds.


  • Whirlwind ability’s reuse time has been reduced from 120 to 60 seconds.
  • Spectral Spear ability’s reuse time has been reduced from 120 to 60 seconds.


  • Added NPCs to the Svaland and Kaleb’s Dungeon dungeons.
  • Drops have been activated in Svaland and Kaleb’s dungeons.
  • In Svaland dungeon, the door will open automatically after 15 minutes if you do not slay any creatures.
  • Fixed the teleport bug in the first room in Dragon’s Lair dungeon.


  • Removed the maximum level limit of 75 in some quests.
  • Fixed the Hell Hounds quest giving different exp for two races.
  • Increased the counting distance for the Death Valley kill quest.
  • The daily 50 kill quest on the Death Valley map has been updated to 75.

Life skills (Gathering & Crafting)

  • Added new events for gathering and crafting classes.
  • After collecting a gathering resource, you will no longer be able to collect another resource for 1 minute.
  • Added character level limit for gathering life skills’ tools:
    • Common: 1
    • Rare: 60
    • Epic: 70
    • Unique: 80
  • Fixed the issue of being able to Craft while moving.
  • Fixed the bug where the time required for re-crafting is active when you get a weight error while crafting.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed the issue where “Slide” cannot be cast on a character who was hit by TP Block.
  • Fixed PM window not being clicked when UI optimization is active.
  • Fixed the EXP lowering issue when using the Roasted Chicken item.
  • Fixed the issue where the right-click shortcut used on a side character would remain saved on your other character.
  • Fixed the issue where the right-click shortcutted ability is used if you remove it from the Skill Bar.
  • Fixed the issue where the Clan Buff attribute icons in the Clan tab were inactive even though they were activated.
  • Fixed the font size error in the chat section.
  • Fixed a typo in the kill count in the Defeat Vampiric Bats quest.
  • Fixed the issue of runes not showing up in the Auction House.
  • Fixed the issue where you could enlarge the text on the Party bar and it wouldn’t save when you left the party.
  • Fixed the issue where the old quest log would show up when opening the new quest search in Party Matching.
  • General work was done on party bugs that occurred in the auto party system in the CFW event.
  • Work was done on the boss not spawning issue in the Clan BOSS room.
  • Fixed the issue where the character’s scroll was deleted when using the Reflective Shield skill.
  • Fixed the issue where being kicked out of a clan in Death Valley is reflected in your rank.
  • Fixed the issue where the character’s scroll in the Priest Zealot skill was deleted.
  • Fixed the issue where the character would spawn after dying from Healing Circle activation.
  • Fixed an issue where Freezing Aura could slow enemies when the user was dead.

Optimization and FPS

  • Fixed Nvidia DLSS promlem.
  • General optimization has been done.
  • Fixed Launcher DirectX 12 bug.