Last updated on 21 June 2024.

Kaleb’s Dungeon is a group dungeon introduced to Rise Online with the patch 6.0.2.

How to enter Kaleb’s Dungeon?

You must have a minimum level of 80 to enter this dungeon. In addition, the item called Kaleb Dungeon Pass (Group) must be obtained by completing the Kaleb’s Trial quest from the quest NPC in Death Valley and used by right-clicking on the item. After this use, your daily entry right to the dungeon is granted.

You cannot enter Kaleb’s Dungeon without completing this quest and using the Kaleb Dungeon Pass item.

Kaleb’s Dungeon difficulties

  • Easy: 80+
  • Hard: 85+
  • Hell: Unavailable
  • Death: Unavailable

Kaleb’s Dungeon creatures and bosses

  • Macebearer (boss)
  • Spiritual Goblin
  • Goblin Wizard
  • Treasonous Goblin
  • Goblin Ranger
  • Gluttonous
  • Goblin Retriever
  • Goblin Rogue
  • Goblin Archer
  • Hordemaster (mini boss)
  • Spikedfang
  • Kaleb’s Servant (boss)
  • Drooling Ogre (mini boss)
  • Skeleton
  • Zombie Hammerman
  • Goblin Battlecaster
  • Marauder (mini boss)
  • Kaleb (final boss)

Kaleb’s Dungeon (group dungeon) drop list