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Last Updated: 1 January 2023|
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Last Updated: 1 January 2023

In Rise Online, Life Skills are trade-oriented skills that can be used to collect, craft or improve items that can be used for various purposes and progress through levels.

Rise Online includes 18 Life Skills in total, which are divided into Gathering and Profession categories. Some of these Life Skills work in harmony with each other.

Class Bonuses

Life Skills also provide speed bonuses to classes:

Armor Smithing5%5%
Jewel Crafting15%10%
Weapon Smithing5%5%

Gathering Life Skills’ Tools

In order to perform the gathering Life Skills, first of all, the tool of the relevant Life Skill must be purchased. There are 4 different quality tools in the game for each gathering Life Skills: Common, Rare, Epic, and Unique.

Each tool gives EXP based on its quality and affects its gathering speed.

There is a chance to craft Enhanced versions of Rare, Epic and Unique life skill tools while crafting them. They give 3%, 5% and 7% EXP and gathering speed respectively.

Lv1Common ShovelCommon Fishing RodCommon SickleCommon Secateurs
Lv10Rare ShovelRare Fishing RodRare SickleRare Secateurs
Lv20Epic ShovelElite / Epic Fishing RodEpic SickleEpic Secateurs
Lv30Unique ShovelUnique Fishing RodUnique SickleUnique Secateurs
Lv1Common PickaxeCommon Skinning KnifeCommon StonehammerCommon Wood Axe
Lv10Rare PickaxeRare Skinning KnifeRare StonehammerRare Wood Axe
Lv20Epic PickaxeEpic Skinning KnifeEpic StonehammerEpic Wood Axe
Lv30Unique PickaxeUnique Skinning KnifeUnique StonehammerUnique Wood Axe

Gathering Life Skills


Archaeology Guide

Related Life Skill(s): Jewel Crafting

There will be various areas that can be excavated on the game map. A wide variety of materials can be obtained by digging. There will be a total of 14 different archeology materials in the game and we can use them in Jewel Crafting.

Fishing (Balıkçılık)


Fishing Guide

Related Life Skill(s): Cooking

In certain fishing areas you will get fish or seafood by using fishing rod. By consuming some of these fish directly, you will get short-term buffs, some of them you will use in Cooking, and some of them in different things. To use this Life Skill, you will need a fishing rod of the corresponding level. There are 4 different fishing rods in the game.

Harvesting (Hasatçılık)


Harvesting Guide

Related Life Skill(s): Cooking & Tailoring

Fruit, vegetable and cotton harvesting. To use this Life Skill, a sickle of the relevant level is required. There will be 4 different sickles in the game.


Herbalism Guide

Related Life Skill(s): Alchemy

It is similar to Harvesting. Unlike fruits and vegetables, it is a Life Skill that is used to collect herbs and make potions.

Mining (Madencilik)


Mining Guide

Related Life Skill(s): Blacksmithing

By digging a mine, it is possible to collect Copper, Iron, Steel and Gold mines, which are different mines at each level. There are also 2 special resources in this Life Skill: gold and silver. In the gold mine, which is different from the other collected gold mines, the game money gold can be obtained directly. Silver can be said to be like that, too. In order to use this profession, the relevant level must dig. There are 4 different pickaxes in the game.

Quarrying (Taş İşçiliği)


Quarrying Guide

Related Life Skill(s): Stonemasonry

The Life Skill of collecting gems, from which precious jewels can be obtained by processing as well as standard stone. In order to use this Life Skill, a stone hammer of the relevant level is required.


Skinning Guide

Related Life Skill(s): Leatherworking

There will be different animals (deer, wild boar, bear, tiger etc.) on different levels on the maps. By killing these animals; meat, leather or different items can be obtained. Meat can be used in Cooking, leather in Leatherworking. To use this Life Skill, you will need a skinning knife of the corresponding level. There are 4 different skinning knives in the game.

Woodcutting (Odunculuk)


Woodcutting Guide

Related Life Skill(s): Carpentry

The Life Skill of collecting wood by cutting trees. There are at least 4 different levels of trees. Log will be obtained according to tree / level. In addition to 4 level trees, there are also 3 special trees. These trees rarely spawn and these materials will be needed to craft important items. To use this Life Skill, you will need the axe of the corresponding level. There are 4 different axes in the game.

Crafting Life Skills


Alchemy Guide

Related Life Skill(s): Herbalism

It will allow you to make different potions by combining herbs and different items obtained with Herbalism.

Armor Smithing

Armor Smithing Guide

Related Life Skill(s): Blacksmithing & Leatherworking

By combining (crafting) the desired materials with this Life Skill, some armors that cannot be obtained by drop can be crafted. Except for fabric and leather armors, more heavy armors will be obtained.


Blacksmithing Guide

Related Life Skill(s): Mining

By transforming the mines collected by Mining into plates and sticks, materials will be produced for both armor and weapon making. For Blacksmithing, there will be a requirement to reach the corresponding level in Mining for the same reason as above.


Carpentry Guide

Related Life Skill(s): Woodcutting

It can be obtained from the materials desired in the manufacture of weapons by converting the logs collected by Woodcutting into planks and lumber. In order to be able to do any level of Carpentry, it is necessary to have reached the relevant level of Woodcutting, because the Rokogame (developer of Rise Online) only wants to prevent direct leveling by collecting raw materials from the market, because as the lumberjack collects wood by chopping trees, the carpenter will level up by processing these woods.


Cooking Guide

Related Life Skill(s): Fishing & Harvesting

It will allow you to cook using ingredients obtained through Harvesting, Skinning, and Fishing. Some items can be obtained from the relevant NPCs (for example, eggs, chickens may be found in some areas of the cities in the future, and eggs can be obtained from these chickens at random times, milk may be similar).

Jewel Crafting

Jewel Crafting Guide

Related Life Skill(s): Archaeology

Precious crystals and gems can be obtained by crafting stones obtained from Archaeology. These crystals and jewels can be used both in jewelry making and can be requested in different areas. A corresponding level of Archaeology will be required for this profession as well.


Leatherworking Guide

Related Life Skill(s): Skinning

The Life Skill where skins collected from animals are processed with Skinning and clothes / armors are produced with these processed skins.


Stonemasonry Guide

Related Life Skill(s): Quarrying

Stones obtained from Quarrying can be processed into stone blocks or inlaid gems. Stone blocks will be used to upgrade the buildings on the clan island (a work to be done much later) or to make war vehicles (catapults, etc.) in some war events. Crafted gems will be requested in quests for Awakening abilities based on classes. The corresponding level of Quarrying will be required for this profession as well.


Tailoring Guide

Related Life Skill(s): Harvesting

In addition to producing yarn and fabric with cotton collected through Harvesting, fabric clothes / armors can be obtained with these fabrics.

Weapon Smithing

Weapon Smithing Guide

Related Life Skill(s): Carpentry & Blacksmithing

Weapons can be obtained by combining desired materials with Weapon Smithing. These weapons can also be weapons that cannot be obtained by drop. It won’t be stronger than drops, but it’ll either be decent weapons used in different areas or slightly underpowered for general use. We can call them more situational (which you can use depending on the situation) weapons.