Last updated on 6 March 2024.

Hunter’s Camp is directly connected to Main Hall and Scout Camp, meaning that in addition to the material required to upgrade Hunter’s Camp, Main Hall and Scout Camp must also be upgraded to a certain level.

Hunter’s Camp can be upgraded up to level 14.

Hunter’s Camp Bonus

1Attack Bonus Against All Creatures: 1%8Attack Bonus Against All Creatures: 12%
2Attack Bonus Against All Creatures: 2%9Attack Bonus Against All Creatures: 15%
3Attack Bonus Against All Creatures: 3%10Attack Bonus Against All Creatures: 18%
4Attack Bonus Against All Creatures: 4%11Attack Bonus Against All Creatures: ?%
5Attack Bonus Against All Creatures: 6%12Attack Bonus Against All Creatures: ?%
6Attack Bonus Against All Creatures: 8%13Attack Bonus Against All Creatures: ?%
7Attack Bonus Against All Creatures: 10%14Attack Bonus Against All Creatures: ?%

Hunter’s Camp Upgrade and Repair Costs

LevelBuilding RequirementsCoin, BP, and BlueprintResourcesRepair ResourcesUpgrade Time (min)
1N/A400.000 Coins32x Tanned Leather (Stag), 4x Cotton Yarn, 4x Fabric, 24x Oak Timber, 24x Oak Plank4x Tanned Leather Stag, 4x Fabric, 4x Oak Plank0,2 (12 sec)
2N/A1.000.000 Coins24x Tanned Leather (Stag), 24x Tanned Leather (Boar), 8x Cotton Yarn, 8x Fabric, 48x Oak Timber, 48x Oak Plank8x Tanned Leather Stag, 4x Fabric, 8x Oak Plank8
3Main Hall (3), Scout Camp (3)2.000.000 Coins40x Tanned Leather (Stag), 40x Tanned Leather (Boar), 16x Cotton Yarn, 16x Fabric, 96x Oak Timber, 96x Oak Plank12x Tanned Leather Stag, 8x Fabric, 12x Oak Plank32
4Main Hall (4), Scout Camp (4)4.000.000 Coins96x Tanned Leather (Stag), 64x Tanned Leather (Boar), 32x Cotton Yarn, 32x Fabric, 160x Oak Timber, 240x Oak Plank16x Tanned Leather Stag, 8x Fabric, 16x Oak Plank96 (1 hr, 36 min)
5Main Hall (5), Scout Camp (5)6.000.000 Coins, 4x Blueprints240x Tanned Leather (Stag), 120x Tanned Leather (Boar), 64x Cotton Yarn, 64x Fabric, 208x Pine Timber, 96x Pine Plank8x Tanned Leather (Boar), 12x Fabric, 8x Pine Plank256 (4 hrs, 16 min)
6Main Hall (6), Scout Camp (6)8.000.000 Coins, 8x Blueprints480x Tanned Leather (Stag), 160x Tanned Leather (Tiger), 120x Cotton Yarn, 120x Fabric, 432x Pine Timber, 192x Pine Plank16x Tanned Leather (Boar), 12x Fabric, 16x Pine Plank768 (12 hrs, 48 min)
7Main Hall (7), Scout Camp (7)12.000.000 Coins, 12x Blueprints840x Tanned Leather (Stag), 288x Tanned Leather (Tiger), 240x Cotton Yarn, 240x Fabric, 720x Pine Timber, 320x Pine Plank24x Tanned Leather (Boar), 16x Fabric, 24x Pine Plank1.920 (1 day, 8 hrs)
8Main Hall (8), Scout Camp (8)20.000.000 Coins, 20x Blueprints900x Tanned Leather (Boar), 560x Tanned Leather (Tiger), 384x Cotton Yarn, 384x Fabric, 960x Aspen Timber, 320x Aspen Plank32x Tanned Leather (Boar), 16x Fabric, 32x Pine Plank4.560 (3 days, 4 hrs)
9Main Hall (9), Scout Camp (9)40.000.000 Coins, 32x Blueprints1.760x Tanned Leather (Boar), 120x Tanned Leather (Bear), 480x Cotton Yarn, 480x Fabric, 1.920x Aspen Timber, 640x Aspen Plank16x Tanned Leather (Tiger), 20x Fabric, 16x Aspen Plank10.800 (7 days, 12 hrs)
10Main Hall (10), Scout Camp (10)60.000.000 Coins, 52x Blueprints1.920x Tanned Leather (Tiger), 240x Tanned Leather (Bear), 800x Cotton Yarn, 800x Fabric, 960x Birch Timber, 240x Birch Plank32x Tanned Leather (Tiger), 20x Fabric, 32x Aspen Plank23.280 (16 days, 4 hrs)