Last updated on 5 March 2024.

The Marketplace is directly connected to the Main Hall, meaning that in addition to the material requirements required to upgrade the Marketplace, the Main Hall must also be brought to a certain level.

Marketplace can be upgraded up to level 14.

Marketplace Bonus

The Marketplace bonus provides discounts on item repairs, upgrades, travel and crafting costs.

1Discount: 1%8Discount: 8%
2Discount: 2%9Discount: 9%
3Discount: 3%10Discount: 10%
4Discount: 4%11Discount: ?%
5Discount: 5%12Discount: ?%
6Discount: 6%13Discount: ?%
7Discount: 7%14Discount: ?%

Marketplace Upgrade Costs

There is no repair available for this building, as the Marketplace does not provide any active bonuses and only passively provides discounts on item repairs, upgrades, travel and crafting costs.

LevelBuilding RequirementCoin, BP & BlueprintResourcesUpgrade Time (min)
1N/A1.200.000 Coins160x Tanned Leather (Stag), 120x Oak Timber, 120x Oak Plank, 240x Stoneblock0,2 (12 sec)
2N/A2.800.000 Coins240x Tanned Leather (Stag), 240x Oak Timber, 240x Oak Plank, 400x Stoneblock10
3Main Hall (3)4.000.000 Coins400x Tanned Leather (Stag), 360x Oak Timber, 360x Oak Plank, 640x Stoneblock36
4Main Hall (4)6.800.000 Coins640x Tanned Leather (Stag), 480x Oak Timber, 480x Oak Plank, 960x Stoneblock108 (1 hr, 48 min)
5Main Hall (5)10.800.000 Coins720x Tanned Leather (Stag), 320x Pine Timber, 640x Oak Plank, 1.600x Stoneblock288 (4 hrs, 48 min)
6Main Hall (6)17.600.000 Coins960x Tanned Leather (Boar), 480x Pine Timber, 480x Pine Plank, 2.880x Stoneblock864 (14 hrs, 24 min)
7Main Hall (7)28.400.000 Coins, 4x Blueprints1.200x Tanned Leather (Boar), 320x Aspen Timber, 640x Pine Plank, 4.800x Stoneblock, 32x Marble Block2.160 (1 day, 12 hrs)
8Main Hall (8)46.000.000 Coins, 8x Blueprints800x Tanned Leather (Tiger), 480x Aspen Timber, 480x Aspen Plank, 6.400x Stoneblock, 48x Marble Block5.040 (3 days, 12 hrs)
9Main Hall (9)74.000.000 Coins, 12x Blueprints960x Tanned Leather (Tiger), 240x Birch Timber, 640x Aspen Plank, 9.600x Stoneblock, 48x Granite Block12.000 (8 days, 8 hrs)
10Main Hall (10)120.000.000 Coins, 20x Blueprints640x Tanned Leather (Bear), 480x Birch Timber, 320x Birch Plank, 19.200x Stoneblock, 64x Granite Block25.440 (17 days, 16 hrs)