Last updated on 5 March 2024.

Totem (Lunaskar) & Monastery (Protean) are directly connected to the Main Hall, meaning that in addition to the material required to upgrade them, the Main Hall must also be upgraded to a certain level.

Totem & Monastery can be upgraded up to level 14.

Totem & Monastery Bonus

1MP Bonus: +408MP Bonus: +360
2MP Bonus: +609MP Bonus: +480
3MP Bonus: +8010MP Bonus: +600
4MP Bonus: +12011MP Bonus: +720
5MP Bonus: +16012MP Bonus: +880
6MP Bonus: +20013MP Bonus: +1040
7MP Bonus: +28014MP Bonus: +1600

Totem & Monastery Upgrade and Repair Costs

LevelBuilding RequirementCoin, BP, and BlueprintResourcesRepair ResourcesUpgrade Time (min)
1N/A1.200.000 Coins16x Copper Plate, 16x Copper Stick, 16x Oak Timber, 16x Oak Plank, 64x Stoneblock4x Oak Plank, 8x Stoneblock0,2 (12 sec)
2N/A2.800.000 Coins32x Copper Plate, 32x Copper Stick, 32x Oak Timber, 192x Stoneblock4x Copper Plate, 12x Oak Plank, 16x Stoneblock8
3Main Hall (3)4.000.000 Coins32x Iron Plate, 32x Copper Stick, 48x Pine Timber, 48x Oak Plank, 384x Stoneblock8x Copper Plate, 16x Oak Plank, 32x Stoneblock32
4Main Hall (4)6.800.000 Coins48x Iron Plate, 48x Copper Stick, 64x Pine Timber, 96x Oak Plank, 768x Stoneblock16x Copper Plate, 24x Oak Plank, 48x Stoneblock96
5Main Hall (5)10.800.000 Coins48x Iron Bar, 48x Iron Stick, 80x Aspen Timber, 64x Pine Plank, 1.600x Stoneblock4x Iron Bar, 32x Pine Plank, 64x Stoneblock256
6Main Hall (6)17.600.000 Coins80x Iron Bar, 80x Iron Stick, 210x Aspen Timber, 96x Pine Plank, 3.136x Stoneblock8x Iron Plate, 40x Pine Plank, 96x Stoneblock768
7Main Hall (7)28.400.000 Coins, 4x Blueprints128x Titanium Plate, 96x Iron Stick, 192x Aspen Timber, 160x Pine Plank, 4.672x Stoneblock, 64x Marble Block16x Iron Plate, 48x Pine Plank, 128x Stoneblock1.920
8Main Hall (8)46.000.000 Coins, 8x Blueprints200x Titanium Plate, 144x Iron Stick, 320x Aspen Timber, 96x Aspen Plank, 7.040x Stoneblock, 128x Marble Block8x Titanium Plate, 8x Aspen Plank, 160x Stoneblock4.560
9Main Hall (9)74.000.000 Coins, 12x Blueprints80x Gold Plate, 200x Titanium Stick, 120x Birch Timber, 240x Aspen Plank, 14.080x Stoneblock, 192x Granite Block16x Titanium Plate, 16x Aspen Plank, 192x Stoneblock10.800
10Main Hall (10)120.000.000 Coins, 20x Blueprints128x Gold Plate, 48x Gold Stick, 240x Birch Timber, 120x Birch Plank, 35.200x Stoneblock, 320x Granite Block16x Gold Plate, 32x Aspen Plank, 240x Stoneblock23.280

The data below was taken from the infographics that were shared and later removed on the official forums. Their accuracy is not 100%, we kept them on this page for informational purposes.

LevelBuilding RequirementCoin, BP, and BlueprintResourcesRepair ResourcesUpgrade time (sec)
11Main Hall (11)200.000.000 Coins, 32x Blueprints???
12Main Hall (12)300.000.000 Coins, 52x Blueprints???
13Main Hall (13)500.000.000 Coins, 84x Blueprints???
14Main Hall (14)800.000.000 Coins, 136x Blueprints???