Last updated on 5 March 2024.

The Warehouse is directly connected to the Main Hall, meaning that in addition to the materials required to upgrade the Warehouse, the Main Hall must also be upgraded to a certain level.

Warehouse can be upgraded up to level 14.

Warehouse Bonus

Warehouse bonus affects the capacity of the clan bank.

1Item Capacity: +48Item Capacity: +18
2Item Capacity: +69Item Capacity: +20
3Item Capacity: +810Item Capacity: +22
4Item Capacity: +1011Item Capacity: +?
5Item Capacity: +1212Item Capacity: +?
6Item Capacity: +1413Item Capacity: +?
7Item Capacity: +1614Item Capacity: +?

Warehouse Upgrade Costs

Since the Warehouse does not provide any active bonuses and only passively increases the capacity of the clan bank, it cannot be repaired.

LevelBuilding RequirementCoin, BP & BlueprintResourcesUpgrade Time (min)
1N/A400.000 Coins8x Copper Plate, 8x Copper Stick, 32x Oak Plank, 48x Stoneblock0,2 (12 sec)
2N/A1.000.000 Coins16x Copper Plate, 16x Copper Stick, 48x Oak Plank, 72x Stoneblock8
3Main Hall (3)2.000.000 Coins32x Copper Plate, 32x Copper Stick, 80x Oak Plank, 144x Stoneblock32
4Main Hall (4)4.000.000 Coins48x Copper Plate, 48x Copper Stick, 120x Oak Plank, 32x Pine Plank, 336x Stoneblock96 (1 saat, 36 dk)
5Main Hall (5)6.000.000 Coins, 4x Blueprints48x Iron Plate, 48x Iron Stick, 160x Oak Plank, 48x Pine Plank, 752x Stoneblock256 (4 hrs, 16 min)
6Main Hall (6)8.000.000 Coins, 8x Blueprints64x Iron Bar, 96x Iron Stick, 240x Oak Plank, 128x Pine Plank, 1.056x Stoneblock768 (12 hrs, 48 min)
7Main Hall (7)12.000.000 Coins, 12x Blueprints96x Iron Bar, 120x Iron Stick, 160x Pine Plank, 80x Aspen Plank, 2.520x Stoneblock, 16x Marble Block1.920 (1 day, 8 hrs)
8Main Hall (8)20.000.000 Coins, 20x Blueprints160x Titanium Plate, 80x Titanium Stick, 320x Pine Plank, 120x Aspen Plank, 3.760x Stoneblock, 32x Marble Block4.560 (3 days, 4 hrs)
9Main Hall (9)40.000.000 Coins, 32x Blueprints80x Gold Plate, 160x Titanium Stick, 248x Aspen Plank, 80x Birch Plank, 7.280x Stoneblock, 64x Marble Block10.800 (7 days, 12 hrs)
10Main Hall (10)60.000.000 Coins, 52x Blueprints160x Gold Plate, 80x Gold Stick, 560x Aspen Plank, 120x Birch Plank, 11.520x Stoneblock, 96x Granite Block23.280 (16 days, 4 hrs)