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What are these repeatable weekly quests?

Repeatable quests, as you can understand from the name, are quests that can be completed again after they are completed once.

Which quests can be repeated?

There are currently 9 repeatable quests in Rise Online. Two of them are accepted from [Guide] Agatha in Dorion, three are from [Quest] Nia in Narun Tower and four are from [Quest] Gurang / Dua in Death Valley.


Defeating Elite Monsters I

Defeating Elite Monsters I, unlocked at level 75, is obtained from [Guide] Agatha in Dorion. The quest requires killing certain bosses in the solo dungeon Darkness Cavern and the group dungeon Dragon’s Lair. These are:

  • 10x Hordemaster and 10x Ogre Siegebreaker in Darkness Cavern
  • 10x Medusa and 10x Veteran Orc in Dragon’s Lair

Each boss needs to be killed 10 times, regardless of difficulty of the dungeons. Considering that dungeons can be entered once a day, a minimum of 10 days is required to complete the quest. Although the quests are weekly, unfortunately we cannot complete this and the next Defeating Elite Monsters II quest before 10 days.

After completing the quest, we can get our 800.000.000 EXP reward by returning it back to the same NPC.

Defeating Elite Monsters II

It is a quest similar to the previous one. The bosses that need to be killed this time are:

  • 10x Drooling Ogre and 10x Marauder in Darkness Cavern
  • 10x Hell Guardian and 10x Venomspiller in Dragon’s Lair

We can get our EXP reward by returning the quest.

These two quests can be accepted again after 1 hour you turn in them.

Narun Tower

Obtaining Narun Dust

In this quest that is unlocked at level 50 and taken from [Quest] Nia on the first floor of Narun Tower, we are asked to collect 10 Narun Dust. We can drop Narun Dust from all Narun Tower creatures (it won’t be easy).

We can gain 3.000.000 EXP by returning the quest.

Obtaining Narun Stone

It is a quest similar to the previous one. This quest is unlocked at level 60. This time the item we need to collect is Narun Stone, we collect 10 of it and deliver them to Nia. Our quest reward is 30.000.000 EXP.

Obtaining Narun Crystal

Again, we are tasked with a collection quest. In the Obtaining Narun Crystal quest unlocked at level 70, we are asked to collect 10 Narun Crystals. After completing the quest, we can receive our 100.000.000 EXP reward by returning it to Nia.

Obtaining Narun Cube

In this another collection quest, Obtaining Narun Cube wants us to collect 10 Narun Cubes. After turning in the quest to Nia, we’ll get 600.000.000 EXP.

Death Valley

Repeatable missions in Death Valley can be repeated every 20 hours.

Defeat Harpies

In the quest, we need to kill 50 Ravenous Harpies and 50 Scavenging Harpies. We will gain 80.000.000 EXP as a reward.

Defeat Undead King

In this quest, we need to kill 50 Undead Kings. Our reward will be 120.000.000 EXP.

Kaleb’s Trial

Kaleb’s Trial quest is the quest that allows us to obtain the item called Kaleb Dungeon Pass (Group), which allows us to enter Kaleb Dungeon. For the quest, we are asked to kill 25 enemy players. After completing the quest, we can obtain the item and then enter the Kaleb dungeon.

Objectives: Kill 75 enemies daily

In this quest we need to kill 75 enemy players. We will obtain Celestial Chest as a quest reward.