Last updated on 12 July 2023.

Dragon’s Lair, which is a group dungeon, can only be entered once a day and like solo dungeons have four difficulties:

  • Easy: 63+
  • Hard: 65+
  • Hell : +68
  • Death: +70

The dungeon run time is 60 minutes.

Dragon’s Lair creatures and bosses

  • Desperate Skull
    • The key that unlocks first room’s door drops from these creatures.
  • Ogre
  • Orc Chieftain
  • Medusa (mini boss)
  • Veteran Orc (1st boss) – Spawns after Orc Chieftains and Medusa killed.
  • Matta’s Fire Guard (2x)
  • Scared Rae
    • The key that activates lift to Hell Guardian’s platform drops from these -annoying- creatures.
  • Hell Guardian (2nd boss)
  • Poisonous Plant
    • Clear these before Venomspiller, otherwise you’ll constantly get damage from them.
  • Venomspiller (3rd boss)
  • Fiery Skeleton
  • Poisonous Skeleton (4th boss)
    • The gate to final boss won’t be open until you kill Fiery Skeletons and fourth boss.
  • Diabolic Dragon (5th and final boss)

Dragon’s Lair (group dungeon) drop list