Last updated on 2 June 2024.

In Rise Online, character names are preceded by a ranking symbol (BP symbol) according to their monthly and general Battle Point (BP) ranking.

There are 2 types of ranking symbols: monthly and overall ranking. While the symbol of the players entering the general rankings is just a regular symbol, there is an animation around the symbol of the players entering the monthly rankings.

If the symbol of the player entering the monthly ranking exceeds their general ranking, the monthly ranking symbol appears first, but not both.

Ranking symbols (BP symbols)

  • 1st player: Legend
  • 2nd and 3rd players: Champion
  • Players between 4 and 10: Epic
  • Players between 11 and 20: Master
  • Players between 21 and 50: Rookie
Legend (1)Champion (2, 3)Epic (between 4-10)Master (between 11-20)Rookie (between 21-50)

No symbols appear on players ranked #51 and above.