Last updated on 19 June 2024.

The clan dungeon is a dungeon where level 4 and 5 clans can receive drops. Valuable Epic and Unique items, as well as items needed to upgrade clan buildings, can only be dropped from the clan dungeon, which has a boss called Shallow Fever.

You can enter the clan dungeon 3 times a day. It can be entered with Battle Points for the first entry, Coins for the second entry, and Rise Cashes for the third entry.

Boss level changes depending on clan level (EXP and drop rate increases). Clan level is determined by the level of the clan main building (Main Hall).

You can increase the Main Hall level by using the required materials. Depending on the level and building; Coins, Battle Points, Blueprints and processed materials such as iron, wood and stone are required.

How to enter the clan dungeon?

A clan with a party of minimum 8 people can enter to kill the boss. Total time inside is 30 minutes.

First, the clan leader starts the dungeon and teleports in, then the Join button becomes active in the Clan Dungeon window and other players join. The raid system is active in the clan dungeon, a party of 50 people can be formed.

Shallow Fever - Clan Boss

Clan Dungeon Drop List

Level 1

  • Blueprint
  • 5m Speed-Up

Level 2

  • Blueprint
  • 10m Speed-Up

Level 3

  • Blueprint
  • 30m Speed-Up

Level 4 & 5

  • In addition to the level 1, 2, and 3 drops:
  • Silver Bar
  • Gold Bar