Last updated on 30 December 2023.

With the 4.0.0 update released on 23 December 2022, 2023 Christmas events started in Rise Online. In this content, we touch on this year’s Christmas events in detail.

Xmas PvP Event


As part of the Xmas PvP events that will be held between 23.12.2022 23:59 (GMT+3) – 31.12.2022 23:59 (GMT+3), players in the top 3 Battle Point rankings of each class in Lunaskar & Protean races will be given a Cosmetic and Collectible cape.

You can follow the event rankings at

Xmas Bingo! Event

  • You can use the bingo numbers you get from the snowmen by right-clicking them.
  • If you have this number on your card, it will be marked automatically, you cannot use the numbers that are not on your card in another field. You can trash it.
  • Each account can have 1 Bingo card. With each bingo card, you will be able to make 3 zincs and win 3 different rewards (10x HP, Physical Defense and Heroism Scroll).
  • Every user who makes bingo is entitled to buy a ticket to participate in the big draw. You can buy the ticket for 10 M. When you buy a ticket, the system will generate a ticket number for you.

Grand Sweepstakes Prizes

  • 1. – Gaming PC
  • 2. – Gaming Monitor
  • 3-10. – Gaming Keyboard & Mouse Set
  • 10-20. – Gaming Headset
  • 20-50. – 4.140 Rise Cash

Xmas Santa Claus Event

The player / party that deals the most damage to the Santa Claus that will spawn approximately every 1 hour on the Death Valley map gets the box.


Santa Claus drops:

  • 100% Present* (40% Epic weapon, 5% Unique weapon (except exclusive ones; like Reaper), 5% Rare or Epic accessory, 10% chance of HP*, Physical Defense* and Heroism* scrolls from these gift boxes and 20% chance to get Candy Cane)
  • 25% Candy Cane
  • 5% Xmas Cloak Box

*Present: Santa Claus gift box.
*Xmas HP Scroll: 2750 Max HP Buff for 1 hour
*Xmas P. Def Scroll: 325 P.Def Buffs for 1 hour
*Heroism Scroll: Gives all your stats +10 Points for 1 hour.
*Xmas Cloak Box: A cosmetic-collectible cloak that you can obtain permanently. Bonus cannot be added to this item.

Xmas Snowman Event

  • It will spawn in 9 different regions on the Dorion map, marked with a yellow dot below.
  • You will only be able to kill these creatures with “R” Auto Attack.

Snowman Drops;

  • 100% Snowball
  • 40% Snowball (i.e. you have a chance to get 2 snowballs from a box)
  • 2% Charcoal
  • 1% Carrot
  • 2% Branch
  • 20% Bingo Number (you use in bingo event)

The numbers you obtain cannot be traded, transferred to another account or side character.


How to create a Snowman?

To create a snowman, you need these:

  • 10x Snowball
  • 2x Branch
  • 2x Charcoal
  • 1x Carrot

You can craft Snowman from the crafting menu through the Xmas tab. Depending on the number of Snowman you will obtain, you can win various rewards from NPC [Quest] Darcia in Dorion by completing these quests:

  • Physical Defense Increase Scroll (Xmas Limited Item)
    • Physical Defense 325 Increase Scroll
  • HP Increase Scroll (Xmas Limited Item)
    • HP 2750 Increase Scroll
  • Puppy (Xmas Limited Item)
    • Puppy (Xmas)
  • Dino (Xmas Limited Item)
    • Dino (Xmas)
  • Xmas Hat (Xmas Limited Item)
    • Xmas Hat
  • Snowman Head (Xmas Limited Item)
    • Snowman Head
  • Xmas Costume Box (Xmas Limited Item)
    • Christmas costume box

How to get Branch?

You can get branches from Christmas Trees through Woodcutting life skill (using at least a Common Wood Axe) or by buying them from other players.

How to get Charcoal?

You can craft Charcoal through the Carpentry life skill, buy them from other players and sometimes they drop off from Snowman creatures. Fastest way is Harvesting though.

How to get Carrot?

You can obtain them through Harvesting life skill, buy them from other players and sometimes they drop off from Snowman creatures.