Last updated on 6 November 2022.

Lucky Draw is a kind of luck event. By purchasing tickets for the specified amount of Coins, you can participate in the Lucky Draw and win various prizes.

Details about the Lucky Draw event

When the Lucky Draw Event starts, you will see the symbol of it on the top right of your screen, which you can click on.

Lucky Draw

How to participate in the Lucky Draw?

When you click on the Lucky Draw Event symbol, you will see a pop-up screen with the following sections:

  • Red: Current participants/Max Participants
  • Green: Event expiration counter
  • Yellow: Items/Gold required to participate in the event
  • Orange: Shortcut to find details about the event
Lucky Draw

When you click on the details button, you will see the following screen:

  • Pink: Required items/gold
  • Yellow: The button to participate in the event
  • Green: Event expiration counter, current number of participants, and maximum number of participants
  • Red: Event rewards
  • Orange: The list of participants in the event, and your number of entries.
Lucky Draw

During the ticket buying process, you will see the following screen:

Lucky Draw

You will need to wait 10 seconds after each ticket purchase to be able to buy another one.

Lucky Draw

The error message you will see after reaching the max. number of participants:

Lucky Draw

Results screen when the event is completed:

Lucky Draw

You can collect your rewards in the “History” section of the Auction House.

Lucky 8 ah eşya alma.png

Note: The example above shows an event with 10.000 max. participants where each participant could buy 2 entries max, for 10.000 Golds per entry. When the timer is up, 4 participants would get 4 rewards, and if a participant has more than 1 entry, they could win more than 1 reward.

The duration, required items/gold, and the rewards could vary for each Lucky Draw Event.