Last updated on 27 February 2024.

Rare stones are materials used in crafting. These stones, which drop from various creatures and bosses at low drop rates, have economic values according to their rarity levels.

Rare stones are divided into S-A-B-C-D-F tiers (S = rarest, F = most common).

BloodstoneAgility StoneAegis StoneStone of FortuneFury of GoliathPoison Essence
ManastoneStone of LifeLuna’s TearStone of ProtectionPurifying StoneSphere of Air
SoulstoneStone of MightPiercing StoneStone of XPStone of GraceSphere of Fire
Stone of MagicStone of FaithSphere of Water
Stone of Focus
Stone of Valor
Unbroken Fortitude

The stones below have no current use.

Arcane StoneDragon ClawDark StoneFrostmoon
KeystoneSphere of EternitySunstoneWorldstone